Software Testing India

Software Testing

Do you want a great product or are you happy with something that kind of works? If you want the former, invest in software testing

It’s not enough to design and write code. Before the code goes live it has to be thoroughly tested

But testing should not be an afterthought. It should be an integral part of the entire software development process, with testing plans designed along with functional specifications.

If this is done, failures and bugs can be caught early on during the development process, saving businesses a substantial amount of money.

Testing has a number of other business benefits. Software testing helps you understand if the

  • Core features of your software work as advertised
  • Application plays nice with other programs users might have
  • End product is stable, reasonably fault tolerant and high performing
  • Code measures up to quality standards
  • Code has any security holes

And as users move beyond desktops to mobile there is an urgent need to incorporate mobile application testing in the software development life cycle.

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Software Testing

Software Testing