ASP.NET Development India

ASP.NET Web Development

What would you use for building dynamic web sites and complex web applications without compromising on security and reliability?

While the freedom and affordability offered by open source technologies is seductive, the lack of support can be a deal breaker for enterprises who look for reliability.

This is why organizations like banks, financial institutions and Fortune 500 companies favour reliable and fully supported development frameworks like Microsoft’s .NET.

This is also the reason they use ASP.NET, a server side technology which lets developers build rich websites and web apps on top of other Microsoft technologies like IIS, Microsoft SQL Server and Windows Azure.

Getting on board the ASP.NET bandwagon has quite a few benefits, like

  • Improvement in performance and scalability of web apps and services.
  • Increase in reliability because of resistance to crashes and memory leaks.
  • Easy to deploy and update, often without taking the server offline.
  • Out of the box support for mobile devices.
  • Increase in developer productivity because of server controls that help build web pages with fewer lines of code.
  • Interoperability with over 25 other .NET languages like Microsoft C# and JScript.NET

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